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10 French expressions to know with the word “COUP”. 👊❗

  This video is all about French expressions with the word "coup." You'll learn ten different phrases that will help you in a variety of situations. Whether you're looking to understand what someone just said, or want to be able to say it...
How to choose between Tu orVous in French

How to Choose Between Tu and Vous in French ?

  When learning a new language, one of the first things you have to decide is whether to use tu or vous. Both forms are correct, but they have different functions. Tu is used when talking to someone who is younger than you, someone of lower...
Restaurant vocabulary

Restaurant vocabulary in French

Are you looking to learn some new words related to restaurants in French? Then this video is for you! In it, we take a look at a few key terms that will help make your dining experiences in France that much more enjoyable. So whether you're...
the street

The street : French Vocabulary

In this video, you will learn some useful French vocabulary words for talking about the street. This is a great lesson for beginners who want to learn basics in French, or for anyone who wants to learn more about common street terms.  Whether...
nature and forest vocabulary in French

Learn forest and nature vocabulary in French! 🌲

This video showcases a variety of French words and phrases related to the forest. It's a great resource for anyone looking to learn more about the vocabulary used in this setting, and it's perfect for practicing your pronunciation skills!By the...
Le vocabulaire de la plage en français

Beach Vocabulary in French

In this French lesson, you will learn 20 words and phrases on the theme of the beach. They will be useful for a trip to our superb beaches in France. Repeat this vocabulary several times to learn it and to improve your French pronunciation. Each...
30 words and sentences for traveling in France

30 essential words and sentences for traveling in France

In this French lesson, I teach you 30 words and phrases that will be useful for understanding and asking for information when traveling in France. Repeat this vocabulary several times to learn it and to improve your French pronunciation. Each...

French homophones: a/à and on/ont 

In this French lesson, I will teach you how to make the difference between 2 pairs of grammatical homophones A/À and ON/ONT. This video will explain to you when to make the right choice in writing and will allow you to avoid making mistakes.This...
20 French expressions

30 French expressions to speak like a French person

Do you want to speak like a French person using common and popular expressions? In this lesson, I teach you 20 expressions commonly used in France. I explain them to you one by one and I give you an example for each one. Each time, I give you...

French homophones: plutôt/plus tôt and davantage/d’avantage

In this French lesson, I will teach you to distinguish the difference between plutôt/plus tôt and davantage/d'avantage. French is not easy and there are many grammatical homophones to know. In the first part, I will explain how to recognize them...

Hello! Nice to meet you, we are Moh & Alain 🙂

We are 2 native French teachers, qualified by the French national education system.
It is a real pleasure for us to pass on knowledge and to see the progress made by our students over time! We have now been teaching for over 30 years!

We decided to create a YouTube channel in order to share our knowledge, help you learn French easily and for free.
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Bonjour ! Enchantés, nous sommes Moh & Alain 🙂

Nous sommes 2 professeurs de français diplômés de l’éducation nationale française.
L’enseignement est un métier très enrichissant.
C’est un réel plaisir pour nous de transmettre des connaissances et de voir les progrès réalisés par nos élèves au fil du temps et nous sommes enseignant depuis plus de 30 ans !

C’est pourquoi nous avons décidé de créer une chaîne YouTube pour partager nos connaissance et vous aider à apprendre le français facilement et gratuitement.
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