Online French Course for beginners

and French becomes easy...

Discover our method, we have the perfect course for beginners that will allow you to learn in a very easy and efficient way.

It’s great to learn French, be confident, French is not so difficult, you will quickly progress with us. Welcome to the course!

French for beginners - Part 1 - 6 lessons in 6 days

$14.99 - French beginners Part 1

$99.9 → 85% OFF! smile
6 great lessons that you will love!

French for beginners - Part 2 - 6 lessons in 6 days

$99.99 - French beginners Part 2

6 more great lessons

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1 short lesson
vailable 2 days

How to learn French?

If you want to start learning French, be confident!  We have a good news for you, we have developed an easy method, it will allow you to understand basic sentences and also to make yourself understood quickly 🙂

At OuiTeach. we promote and boost the learning by using visual supports: associate a word and a pictogram to memorize. It makes it easier to learn French!

We recommend that you start with French beginners part 1. This French classe for beginners, consisting of 6 lessons will give you the confidence and the basics to communicate quickly and practically. If you wish, you can take our short FREE lesson beforehand, which will give you an overview of our method.

We are 3 French teachers (native speakers) with the diploma from the French National Education. All together we have more than 90 years of teaching experience, welcome to our school!

A great e-learning plateform!

On our teaching platform, you will have your student dashboard and you will be able to measure your progress, thanks to our structured menu.

Videos, audio files to repeat, quizzes and pdf synthesizzes will allow you to learn while having fun 🙂

With OuiTeach. French becomes easy!

What our customers say…

“I love this course, it’s great! The pictograms make it easy to memorize words.” 

Pia Evelyn B. | Colchester, U.K.

“We are visiting France and needed some basics. This course is great and easy to follow 👍”

Julie P. | Benaraby, Australia

“This course is just what I needed for my trip to France. Simple, easy and effective!”

Mikael B. | Stockholm, Sweden

and French becomes easy…

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“We are 3 French teachers with a diploma from the French National Education system and we specialize in teaching French to non-French speaking students in international French schools abroad. Together we have over 90 years of teaching experience!”

Emmanuelle, Moh, Alain
The OuiTeach Team