12 French sentences to know to express your emotions

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In this short French lesson for beginners, we teach you useful phrases that you can use to express your emotions.
We suggest you watch this video first, repeat the sentences several times and then take the quiz. Good luck!


To extend this short lesson, you will find after the quiz some more words to improve your French lexicon.

Here are some adjectives to express your emotions in masculine and feminine form, enjoy ūüôā

Je suis d√©sol√© (masculin) | d√©sol√©e (f√©minin)¬†/ I’m sorry.
Je suis effray√© (masculin) | effray√©e (f√©minin)¬†/ I’m scared.
Je suis heureux (masculin) | heureuse (f√©minin)¬†/ I’m happy.
Je suis content (masculin) | contente (f√©minin)¬†/ I’m glad.
Je suis jaloux (masculin) | jalouse (f√©minin)¬†/ I’m jealous.
Je suis inquiet (masculin) | inqui√®te (f√©minin)¬†/¬†I’m worried.
Je suis joyeux (masculin) | joyeuse (f√©minin)¬†/ I’m joyful.
Je suis malheureux (masculin) |malheureuse (f√©minin)¬†/¬†I’m unhappy.
Je suis f√Ęch√© (masculin) | f√Ęch√©e (f√©minin)¬†/ I’m upset.
Je suis fatigu√© (masculin) | fatigu√©e (f√©minin)¬†/¬†I’m tired.
Je suis furieux (masculin) | furieuse (f√©minin)¬†/ I’m furious.
Je suis honteux (masculin) | honteuse (f√©minin)¬†/ I’m ashamed.
Je suis curieux (masculin) | curieuse (f√©minin)¬†/¬†I’m curious.
Je suis possessif (masculin) | possessive¬†(f√©minin)¬†/ I’m possessive.
Je suis boulvers√© (masculin) | boulvers√©e¬†(f√©minin)¬†/ I’m overwhelmed.
Je suis rancunier (masculin) | rancuni√®re (f√©minin)¬†/ I’m spitful.

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