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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use your course on my computer?

Yes, our courses can be taken on all platforms (Desktop, Mobile devices).

2. Is your payment method secure?

Yes, we use the https protocol and we use Stripe as a payment platform which is recognized worldwide.

3. I forgot my password, how can I reset it?

You can do it on the “Sign in” page by using the link “Forgot password”.

4. Which web browsers are recommended for our courses?

To get the best experience using our courses please choose one of the following browsers:
DESKTOP: Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Microsoft Edge 
MOBILE: iOS Safari: 11 and up or Chrome

5. During an exercise an audio player does not load or there is no sound. What shall I do ?

Our lessons include many audio players. Sometimes, but rarely, some players do not load properly, this may be due to your browser or your connection.
In this case, you can simply refresh your page to correct this or return to the menu and reselect the exercise.

6. The pdf file (summary of the lesson) does not load or appear. What shall I do?

You can either refresh the page or go back to the menu and reselect the summary part.

7. How do I make the menu appear on mobile devices?

On mobile devices, click on ≡ (hamburger menu) on the top left, you will be able to navigate through the menu, which is essential to redo some parts.

8. The video starts and I can't hear the sound. What shall I do?

Under IOS (Iphone, Ipad) the sound of all videos is set by default to mute. This is not specific to our course but it is the case for any web page under IOS. For each video you will have to activate the sound.

9. Once my order has been placed, will I receive an invoice?

Yes, you will receive the invoice by email.

10. An exercise is skipped in the course timeline or a video does not start at the beginning. What shall I do?

This issue may occur, it is due to the fact that you have probably already done the course.
To solve this problem you can empty your cache browser.

11. How long does a lesson last?

Each part of the lesson (video, “listen and repeat”, quiz etc.) has to be done several times. We recommend that you work for at least 1 hour. To be thoroughly assimilated, a course will require several hours of work.

12. Which level of French will I reach after the beginners' module?

According to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages you will reach level A1.

13. Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes, we have 🙂 
>> ouiteach.com/become-an-affiliate

and French becomes easy…

“We are 3 French teachers with a diploma from the French National Education system and we specialize in teaching French to non-French speaking students in international French schools abroad. Together we have over 90 years of teaching experience!

Emmanuelle, Moh, Alain
The OuiTeach Team