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In this short French lesson for beginners, we teach you useful phrases that you can use as a customer in a “café”.
We suggest you watch this video first, which will be the basis of our mini course. Listen carefully to this video, repeat the sentences several times and then take the quiz. Good luck!


To extend this short lesson, you will find after the quiz some more words to improve your French lexicon.

The lexicon “at the café” to improve your French vocabulary 🙂

Le comptoir / the counter
tabouret de bar / bar stool
un plateau / a tray
un verre / a glass
une tasse / a cup
un garcon de café / a waiter
la terrasse / the terrace
une table / a table
une chaise / a chair
une bière / a beer
un soda / a soda
un jus de fruit / a fruit juice
un verre de vin / a glass of wine
l’apéritif / the aperitif
une glace / an ice cream
des gaçons / ice cubes

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