French Beginners | Part 2

and French becomes easy...

We offer you a simple and effective method that will allow you to make rapid progress. 🙂

At the end of this second module, you will have the basics to communicate effectively in the context of a tourist trip in France.
In this module, you will have access to our clear and structured teaching platform with a pedagogical progression adapted for each lesson.

Congratulations! It’s great to learn French and we’re sure you’ll enjoy this second part!

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Each lesson is built as follows:

1. The video of the lesson

In this video, we find the important notions of the lesson. It is a cartoon where the characters speak only in French and slowly. There is no translation but you are helped by pictograms.


2. Listen and repeat

The soundtrack of the starting video is cut into several parts that you will have to listen to and repeat several times.
The sentences are pronounced at normal speed.


3. The PDF summary

In this summary, we propose in writing the important elements of the lesson. They are written in both French and English.
It is possible to download the PDF document to keep or print it.


4. The quiz

In this quiz, we use text, images or sounds. For each item, a correction is proposed and translated.
The aim of this quiz is to practice, it is necessary to do it several times.


5. To go further

It’s a series of slides combined with sound.
This part is intended to go further into the notion by giving you more sentences and vocabulary.

6. The exam

The exam is the last part of the lesson, it’s a quiz with writing, pictures and sounds.
For each item there is no correction and to be able to access the next lesson a pass percentage of 90% is required.

A lesson lasts on average between 20 and 30 minutes.
For the notions to be well acquired it is necessary to come back to it several times. We can therefore consider that a few hours are required per lesson.

A great e-learning plateform!

On our teaching platform, you will have your student dashboard and you will be able to measure your progress, thanks to our structured menu.

Videos, audio files to repeat, quizzes and pdf synthesizzes will allow you to learn while having fun 🙂

With OuiTeach. French becomes easy!

What our customers say…

“I love this course, it’s great! The pictograms make it easy to memorize words.” 

Pia Evelyn B. | Colchester, U.K.

“We are visiting France and needed some basics. This course is great and easy to follow 👍”

Julie P. | Benaraby, Australia

“This course is just what I needed for my trip to France. Simple, easy and effective!”

Mikael B. | Stockholm, Sweden

and French becomes easy…

“We are 3 French teachers with a diploma from the French National Education system and we specialize in teaching French to non-French speaking students in international French schools abroad. Together we have over 90 years of teaching experience!

Emmanuelle, Moh, Alain
The OuiTeach Team