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In this short French lesson for beginners, we will teach you some grammatical prepositions that will help you describe the position of a person or thing.
We suggest you watch this video first, which will be the basis of our mini course. Listen carefully to this video, repeat the sentences several times and then take the quiz. Good luck!


To extend this short lesson, you will find after the quiz some more words to improve your French lexicon.

Here are some grammatical prepositions to improve your French vocabulary 🙂

à droite / on the left
à gauche / on the right
dessus – sur  / on it
entre / in between
devant / in front of
derrière / behind
dessous – sous / under
dedans – dans / inside
à l’arrière de / at the back of
en haut / upstairs
en bas / downstairs
à côté / beside
au fond / at the bottom
près / near
au dessous / below – underneath
au dessus / above
au sommet / at the top

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