LOVE & SEDUCTION | 20 romantic French phrases to know

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Welcome to OuiTeach. 

In this short lesson, we will help you through different exercises to learn and memorize the 20 romantic French phrases you need to know when talking about love and seduction. 

You can have 2 days access to this lesson on our teaching platform.


Here is the curriculum of this FREE short lesson with its 4 steps.

video lesson

The video lesson

1 – First of all, start by reviewing carefully the video lesson presenting these 20 sentences.

listen and repeat

Listen & Repeat

2 – Do the exercise entitled “Listen and repeat”. In this exercise, we have extracted the 20 sentences from the video (at normal speed) and placed 20 audio players, so you can repeat each sentence several times in order to memorize them correctly.

Free ebook

FREE ebook summary

– We prepared a summary ebook that gathers these 20 sentences (they are also translated into English). It’s perfect for revising these phrases and reviewing them. Have a look!
The ebbok is FREE and you can download it to keep it. 🙂

The Quiz

The Quiz exam!

4 – When you feel ready, you can then take the QUIZ!
To pass the test you need at least 60% of correct answers and then you will be able to flirt like a real French person 😉

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