The 100 most used verbs in French

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The 100 most frequently used verbs in French !

Start speaking French today with these 100 essential and most common verbs to know in French. You will be able to use them easily in your sentences during your conversations.
For each verb, I give you the infinitive verb and its conjugation in the first person singular in the present tense. I also give you the English translation for each verb.
You can then listen to this French lesson on your headphones on your way to work, at home or wherever you want. Practical, isn’t it?
Moreover by clicking on the following link you can download the PDF file of the 100 verbs of this lesson.
โžก๏ธ 100 common French Verbs PDF

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We hope you enjoy this video and that you will quickly make progress in French! Feel free to write your feedback in the comments of the video.

My name is Alain, I am a teacher and native French speaker. With my friend Moh, we regularly publish videos and shorts on our YouTube channel to help you learn French easily. Subscribe now!
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